Kylie Minogue

Mike Marsland/WireImage

She's channeled a gladiator Grecian goddess, a pop-bot futurama hottie, a Vegas showgirl on steroids and a gonzo catwoman on the prowl.

And that's just Kylie Minogue's onstage and onscreen duds.

On the red carpet, the 45-year-old Aussie pop sensation—who recently published a monolithic coffee-table book, Kylie Fashion, that surveys her most iconic looks—never fails to steal the spotlight with her signature blend of sass and sartorial derring-do.

E! News recently sat down with the songbird in New York City, where she met with fans for a book signing at Saks Fifth Avenue, and quizzed her on her top tips for pushing the fashion envelope. Here's hoping you can't get them out of your head.

1. Trust Your Gut: "Don't think too much," Minogue says, encouraging fashion risk-takers to go with what feels right. "Be instinctive," she adds.

2. Have a Ball: "Have fun—you're not saving the world," she quips. "Fashion can be serious, for sure. If you think of what fashion does for the economy around the world—I mean, there's a very serious side to fashion. But yeah, try and have fun—I try to. I have worn some crazy things!"

3. Take the plunge: "Be brave, bold—just do it," she rallies. "Try it anyway. Think of it as a moment it time, and you're not gonna get that moment back again. So, if you're feeling like doing something in that moment, just try it. [A snapshot] of your sartorial psyche, yes."

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