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Kylie Minogue's 3 Rules for Pushing the Fashion Envelope

Kylie Minogue Mike Marsland/WireImage

She's channeled a gladiator Grecian goddess, a pop-bot futurama hottie, a Vegas showgirl on steroids and a gonzo catwoman on the prowl.

And that's just Kylie Minogue's onstage and onscreen duds.

On the red carpet, the 45-year-old Aussie pop sensation—who recently published a monolithic coffee-table book, Kylie Fashion, that surveys her most iconic looks—never fails to steal the spotlight with her signature blend of sass and sartorial derring-do.

E! News recently sat down with the songbird in New York City, where she met with fans for a book signing at Saks Fifth Avenue, and quizzed her on her top tips for pushing the fashion envelope. Here's hoping you can't get them out of your head.

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1. Trust Your Gut: "Don't think too much," Minogue says, encouraging fashion risk-takers to go with what feels right. "Be instinctive," she adds.

2. Have a Ball: "Have fun—you're not saving the world," she quips. "Fashion can be serious, for sure. If you think of what fashion does for the economy around the world—I mean, there's a very serious side to fashion. But yeah, try and have fun—I try to. I have worn some crazy things!"

3. Take the plunge: "Be brave, bold—just do it," she rallies. "Try it anyway. Think of it as a moment it time, and you're not gonna get that moment back again. So, if you're feeling like doing something in that moment, just try it. [A snapshot] of your sartorial psyche, yes."

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