Aaron Paul


As if we needed yet another reason to love Aaron Paul.

The Breaking Bad actor shocked Twitter fans just minutes before Sunday night's episode by calling them on their cellphones!

"Happy Breaking Bad day, bitches," he posted on his Twitter account. "What's your number? Calling the first 10 people to answer questions. Ask me anything."

Fans quickly responded to his tweet hoping that the award-winning star would follow through with his promise.

And because he's simply the coolest ever, he did.

Among the lucky fans to be graced with the honor of chatting with Paul was Violet Bowman. 

Bowman told E! News, "I was scrolling through my Twitter and saw his tweet. I thought there would be no way he would respond, because there were already 4,000 replies on his tweet."

But despite her skepticism, she sent in her number and just minutes later received a phone call (this is just like the golden ticket in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, except much cooler).

When she picked up she heard, "Yo, it's Aaron Paul."

When Violet asked if it was really him he responded, "Why else would I call on a blocked number?"

"It was unbelievable," she added. "It was so breathtaking that he was actually on the phone. It made my whole entire night, week, and year!"

Paul actually joked with the series devotee, telling her: "You like the show more than I do! The new episode is on in two minutes. I hope you enjoy it, love you!"

While the once in a lifetime phone call only lasted for about 40 seconds, it definitely left a lasting impression on Victoria.

And she wasn't the only one...Paul also called AJ Costila on Sunday night and began the phone chat by saying, "Yo bitch!"

"He asked me how my day was...and I asked him how his day was." He said that he "walked around, ate some chips, and decided to call some fans."

Costilla then asked, "What else are you up to?"

Paul responded that he was going to the bathroom and "drinking a cherry 7 Up." He then said, "This poop's getting a little messier than I thought, I got to go." Then he said, "Make sure you watch tonight," before he hung up. Talk about a candid confession!

Meanwhile, Paul gushed to E! News on the red carpet about being a newlywed.

"I thank her every day, all day long," he said about his wife on the red carpet for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Performers Peer Group Reception in Hollywood Monday evening.

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