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Woman Saves Dog After Owner Posts a Craigslist Ad Threatening to Shoot Him

Craigslist Dog Ad Fox 2

They say all dogs go to heaven, but luckily for this pup, he won't have to find out just yet.

Liz Pendleton of University City, Ill., spotted a Craigslist ad in Morrisonville, an hour and a half away, that read, "Dog needs gone or shot." She immediately acted.

"In the description of the dog, it said that they had no use for a dog and if it wasn't gone by the end of the day they were going to shoot it," Liz told Fox 2. "We had to pick him up, no question about it."

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She continued, to KMOV, "I couldn't leave him. The ad had only been up for an hour and a half but I didn't want to take any chances of him getting hurt so I left within the half hour of seeing the ad myself." 

The vet student says the ad "brought [her] to tears" and the long drive was "well worth it" to know the dog was safe. "He's just wants love and he deserves so much better than what he's had," she says. 

Liz was given the dog "no questions asked or answered" and later contacted police about the ad. No word yet on whether any changes will be filed in the case.

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Liz has since named the German shepherd mix Buck ("a country name"), but unfortunately she isn't able to keep him permanently. So Buck is safe now, thanks to Liz's heroic actions, but he's still in need of a forever home. 

"He's a good boy," she says.

Email if you're able to help Buck.

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