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Lady Gaga Premieres "Applause" Music Video and Here Are the 9 Weirdest GIFs

To explain her first music video off her upcoming ARTPOP album, Lady Gaga tweeted: 

"'APPLAUSE' starring LADY GAGA. A film in black+white, color, and handpainted film. Directed by Dutch Photographers Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin...A MusicVideo where B+W and Color battle in a bid for your Applause!...Its inspired by the entertainers passion for shapeshifting. Would you do 'anything' for the Applause? Iconography in motion, as magic. -GAGA"

Well, OK.

The video, Gaga's first in two years, premiered on Good Morning America this morning as well as on every video billboard in Times Square. It was ushered in with a lot of hype (see above, see also this tweet: "Only w your happiness comes mine.") and talk of the merits of art and pop culture and "art in pop culture in me." That stuff.

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But this is not the Louvre and we are not art historians, so we'll give you what you want to see: Lady Gaga being weird. Or, more succinctly: Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga.

Basically All of Whatever This Is:

Lady Gaga, Applause GIF
Lady Gaga, Applause GIF
Lady Gaga, Applause GIF

When She Had a Tail:

Lady Gaga, Applause GIF

Just like Avatar! Look alive, James Cameron!

When She Was an Evil Witch Who Eats Children:

Lady Gaga, Applause GIF

When She Was a Fire-Breathing Swan:

Lady Gaga, Applause GIF

So once again we ask the age-old question: Which came first, the Grammy egg or the fire-breathing swan monster?

When She Was a Giant and Then She Wasn't:

Lady Gaga, Applause GIF

When She Cried With Her Giant Purple Bouquet:

Lady Gaga, Applause GIF

When She Was The Birth of Venus Painting Come to Life:

Lady Gaga, Applause GIF

Botticelli probably never saw this coming.

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