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Paranoia Primer: What You Need to Know...Before They Know All About You!

Paranoia Relativity Media

These days, with all the hacker attacks, computer viruses, identity theft, and NSA surveillance, do you really need a reason to feel more paranoid? If so, check out this action-thriller starring Liam Hemsworth as Adam Cassidy, an ambitious employee at a top tech firm run by ruthless CEO Nicolas Wyatt (Gary Oldman). After making a stupid mistake, the young hotshot is forced to steal trade secrets from Wyatt's competitor and former mentor, Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford). Realizing he's just a pawn in a dangerous game between corporate rivals, Adam has to find a way out before it's Ctrl+Alt+Del. Ready to delve deeper into Paranoia? People are watching, so you better keep reading:

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Liam Hemsworth, Paranoia, Shirtless Peter Iovino/Relativity Media

1. iCandy: Aussie hottie Hemsworth, beau to Miley Cyrus, knows how to keep his fans happy. When he's not nattily dressed in sharp suits, he's floating half-naked in a pool, walking around his apartment in only a towel, or getting down and dirty with costar Amber Heard. Depending on your perspective, these gratuitous beefcake shots emphasize—or help distract from—the fact that Hemsworth isn't a very charismatic leading man.

VIDEO: Amber's awkward run-in with her Paranoia costar

Paranoia Relativity Media

2. Indiana Jones Takes on Sirius Black: Though widely known for those iconic roles, Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman first worked together on 1997's Air Force One, with Ford playing the U.S. president and Oldman as the Russian terrorist who hijacks his plane. In Paranoia, the two Academy Award-nominated actors play powerful moguls (Ford bald and bespectacled, Oldman with a thick accent), who cross swords in only two scenes as they battle for domination in the cell phone market. No, neither ever screams, "Can you hear me now?"

NEWS: Miley is Liam's hot date at Paranoia premiere

Paranoia Relativity Media

3. Copping a Feel: Hemsworth confesses he was not only intimidated by working with legends Ford and Oldman but also anxious—you might say paranoid—about shooting intimate scenes with Heard, who portrays a marketing executive and Adam's love interest. To help loosen the mood on set, he and Heard played pranks on each other. For one scene, Heard placed a large dildo where her arm would be, and when Hemsworth went in for the grab, he got a little (or not so little) surprise.

VIDEO: Amber's surprise date at the Paranoia premiere

Paranoia Relativity Media

4. Betting on Luketic: Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic doesn't seem like a natural choice to helm a high-stakes thriller in the high-tech industry. Plus, his résumé includes misfires like Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!, Monster-in-Law and The Ugly Truth. But producers felt Luketic was perfect for Paranoia because of his breakout crime drama 21, about six MIT students who con Vegas casinos. Their gamble on Luketic doesn't quite pay off, as the film lacks much suspense, though part of that blame belongs to the screenwriters.

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Paranoia Relativity Media

5. Bling-Bling, Cha-Ching: Paranoia puts big money on the screen with its depiction of no-limits corporate values and spending. Tech employees wear designer clothes, drive luxury sports cars, work in high-rises with sci-fi security and lounge in swanky apartments when they're not vacationing in the Hamptons. Plus—in some obvious product placement—they all own Apple computers and phones, which probably isn't the best marketing, since the film shows how these beloved devices track and exploit us.

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