It's been a big day for animals: A new species of mammals was discovered, and you can all breathe a sigh of relief, because it's cute. A dog was almost a lion except that it wasn't. And a little baby panda met its mom for the first time!

The latter of which tops this week's collection of adorable animal videos.

1. Panda-Monium: We introduced you to this baby panda earlier this week. The little one was born at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan last month and every aspect of its life has been documented by zoo staff.

Including today's viral video, where the baby panda, who has been nicknamed Yuan Tsai while the zoo votes on an official name, reunites with its mom, Yuan Yuan, for the first time since it was born.

Yo, baby pandas make the weirdest noises. And mama pandas always look like they're about to straight-up eat the little babies.

2. This Chihuahua Doing Yoga:

A dog doing downward dog. We've now seen everything.

3. This Dog Playing Fetch With Himself:

The pup lives in Kobe, Japan, and has found a way to "throw" and fetch his ball, all by himself. The dog isn't homeless, the YouTube description explains, he just prefers the river to his owner, so his owner happily obliges and brings him to the water to play.

4. This Owl Who Is Breaking and Entering:

Buzzfeed titled the video, "Guess Whoooooo's Coming to Dinner?" (clever) and one YouTube commenter pointed out that the owl is probably just delivering a Hogwarts acceptance letter. Another commenter said, "my name is Olav Krebnik i am a video you like video i like owl."

5. This Corgi Who Thinks He's an Ambulance:

And then turns on the real ambulance. (P.S. Read the corgi's amazing rescue story.)

6. This Duck Who Likes to Be...Vacuumed?

Also: The first duck to make it into This Week in Adorable Animal Videos!

Welcome, duck! We hope to see more of you kind around here. Tell your friends to be cuter!

Now, share your favorite adorable animal videos in the comments!

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