Jennifer Garner has a new alias: single gal.

The Alias star, currently kicking butt on the big screen in Daredevil, has split with Felicity grad Scott Foley, her husband of two-plus years, the couple's publicist announced Tuesday.

The separation was described as mutual, per a statement from rep Nicole King. There was no mention of the D-word.

Garner, who turns 31 on April 17, and Foley, 30, wed in October 2000.

At the time, Foley was the star of the family, a WB hunk in good standing on Felicity. Garner, meanwhile, was a prime-time actress waiting to come into her prime after a string of failed series, including the 1999-2000 Party of Five spinoff, Time of Your Life, and forgettable films such as, um, Mr. Magoo.

But within a year of their nuptials, the roles were reversed. Foley's prime-time run was on the wane, with Felicity graduating last May. Garner's career, meanwhile, was on the rise thanks to buzz series Alias.

The spy show, executive-produced by Felicity's JJ Abrams, catapulted Garner onto magazine covers and into juicy roles in the hit movies Catch Me If You Can and Daredevil.

Still, Garner and Foley were a cute couple that engendered more "Awwws..." than nasty whispers. Not that there weren't whispers, of course.

Garner, a presenter at last month's Academy Awards, attended the ceremony minus Foley. At a recent Los Angeles fundraiser for women's cancer research, Foley attended minus Garner.

In February, Garner conceded to the Los Angeles Daily News that juggling an in-demand TV and film career was an "interesting way to be [a] newlywed."

"But so far, so good," she told the paper. "[Foley is] my biggest support, I'm his biggest fan...He is definitely my first priority outside of what I need to do for my job."

In the same interview, Garner spoke of being "thrilled" for her husband over his new NBC sitcom, the now-struggling A.U.S.A. "He's never done something this funny on TV before," Garner said. "He certainly is funny all the time at home."

Garner and Foley met in 1998 on the set of Felicity, a first-season episode in which she played the college undergrad's girlfriend back home.

After their first script read-through, Foley reportedly told a roommate, "Today, I met the girl I'm going to marry."

As solo acts now, both Garner and Foley will have work to keep them busy. Garner is set to star in a planned Daredevil spinoff about her spandex-clad character, Elektra. Foley is next up in a Wes Craven-Kevin Williamson werewolf flick. Its name? Cursed.

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