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Andrew Silverman, the man in the middle of the Simon Cowell baby mama drama, is "dealing with this as best as he can," a source tells E! News.

And while it was revealed that his wife, Lauren, was pregnant with the X Factor judge's baby last week, he has tried his best to process the difficult news.

"Andrew considered Simon a real friend," the insider explains. "At the end of the day, [Lauren] is pregnant by a man who's not her husband…There's really no defending it."

The Silvermans are currently working together to sort out the custody of their son and to come to a financial agreement with their divorce.

"In terms of custody, it's too early to predict what the arrangements will be, but they seem committed to doing what's best for their son," the source says.

But it seems as though the fact that the couple just recently celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary may end up effecting the terms of their prenuptial agreement.

"Right now, they're negotiating how much she will walk away with. By staying wed to Andrew past June 22—the 10-year mark on the marriage—the terms of the prenup become a lot more favorable to her."

As of now, the Silvermans appear to be working closely on figuring out a plan that suits both their son needs as well as their own. 

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