Geez, Louise!

If you have yet to hear about the fitness craze called Top Gun Yoga, where hand weights are used while balancing in powerful poses, you've got to see this video!

Louise Roe has been energetically showing us the hottest workouts around town, and this week she's putting her strength and balance to the test in this challenging fitness class offered at Flywheel

In the candid clip, the TV personality gives us a sneak peek inside one of the hybrid classes as she builds up her biceps with tiny reps while simultaneously stretching into warrior pose. 

The intense workout involves multiple muscle groups and enhances focus and balance, making for one fierce hour-long challenge.

After the class, Roe cooled down and wrote up her personal review in the blog post below. Check it out: 


"Keep sweating 'til you collapse!" That's the motto behind Flywheel's Top Gun Yoga, which was shouted over the microphone at the beginning of my class...and it's true!

Flywheel is known for its empowering but very competitive indoor cycling classes, which have become the fierce competition to SoulCycle—but I hate spinning, so I was way more intrigued by Top Gun Yoga.

It's best described as a fast-paced yoga class performed with weights and very loud music.

Aree Khodai was my instructor. She had the toned, tanned body of a professional athlete, and was the best visual inspiration ever. 

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Her approach is a mix of carrot and stick: She was super-encouraging to me, but totally, brutally butt-kicking to regular members of the class.

Her banter and witty attitude made me giggle as the sweat dripped down my brow, halfway through a shaky bow pose.

Speaking of sweat, I have never, ever sweated that much in my entire life. Truly. The guy next to me had to switch towels three times; he could have wrung them out.

The room is filled with sunlight and purposefully lacking in air conditioning, so you burn calories like crazy.

The idea is to perform yoga's isometric holds with hand weights, and intersperse those moves with faster-paced weightlifting movements.

The resistance helps build internal heat and increases endurance, and—hopefully, eventually—gives you a rockin' bod like Aree's. 

Would you try Top Gun Yoga?

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