Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen


You'd think that practically identical twins Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen would want to help the public out by dressing a little less identically.

Apparently the two former Michelle Tanners are sisters in more than just life and business. These matching goth styles make it impossible to tell one girl's style from the others, making us wonder if they share a brain in addition to a face!

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We believe that's MK on the left and Ashley on the right, but we're not entirely sure...  We'll just say that we prefer the left sisters' over-sized black blazer but the right sister's flashy pink shoes. That said, the right sister is rocking a very cool skull scarf...though the left sister does have on an equally cool pair of black skinny jeans. Now we're totally confused, and we don't even have a difference of hair do to fall back on!

We'll keep things simple and say it's pink pumps for the win (aka Ashley...we think...). What's your take?

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