Jennifer Hudson

Elder Ordonez/

No matter how smokin' hot her body looks, Jennifer Hudson should not be wearing this dress.

It's not that the spaghetti strap style is too sexy, it's that is looks like it's falling apart! That giant side slit is ill-fitting and out of place, and the stretchy, tie-dye fabric feels like something we saw on the $5 rack at Forever21. This Academy Award winner knows better! Though, one look at her choice of accessories has us rethinking that fact.

This frock requires flip flops at best, not giant, unlaced combat boots. And what is going on with that wild, studded cap? If this former Idol is trying to look like one of the kids, she failed. Instead she just looks like an out-of-touch adult pretending she can still hang with the cool kids.

We love the new, fashion-loving, figure-flaunting J.Hud, but this look is way too "highschool bad girl" for our tastes...and her age.

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