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    Rebel Wilson Almost Denied Entrance Into Anna Kendrick's Birthday Party: "I Didn't Pull the Reese Witherspoon"

    Rebel Wilson, Cosmopolitan Gillian Laub/Cosmopolitan

    Rebel Wilson may have her very own ABC TV show called Super Fun Night, but that doesn't mean the Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect actress has achieved worldwide fame.

    The 27-year-old funnylady is revealing that even she can't get into some of Hollywood's hottest hot spots, even when her BFF is hosting a birthday party there!

    "In the pilot [of Super Fun Night], my character gets invited to drinks, but she can't get into the club," Wilson tells the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, adding, "that happened to me recently at Skybar."

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    She continued, "Anna Kendrick was having her birthday party there, and it was a fancy place. So I get there with Hana Mae Lee from Pitch Perfect, and I've got a birthday gift so I'm clearly going to the party, and this big huge bouncer wouldn't even look us in the face. We were like, 'Hi'…and then two models came and he let them in."

    Wilson didn't try using her fame to get into the posh bar. "I didn't pull the Reese Witherspoon," the Aussie actress laughed. "He had a list, and I said, 'Excuse me, we're on the list. We're here for Anna Kendrick's birthday party.' And then, eventually, he's like 'Okay, what's your name?'"

    But that's not the only real-life embarrassing story Wilson is incorporating into her show.

    "There's a scene where my dress rips, and something like that happened when I first came to America," she said. "I got set up on a lunch with Jason Segel. He was the first Hollywood person that I got to have lunch with and chat about life with or whatever. So I thought, I'll try to look my best, and I wore my best leather jacket. When I sat down, a sharp edge on the chair snagged my jacket, and it just ripped. I was devastated but trying to hide it because I didn't want to ruin the lunch. I'm always ripping clothing. It's so embarrassing."

    Rebel Wilson, Cosmopolitan Gillian Laub/Cosmopolitan

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