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    Hugh Laurie Gets Downright Vulgar With Stephen Colbert—Watch Here!

    Hugh Laurie, Stephen Colbert

    Stephen Colbert isn't one for subtlety…

    So when he got his hands on a petition by ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox asking for looser indecency standards, he had to do something.

    The four networks banded together to argue that they've lost "cultural clout" to cable networks that are able to say and do much more vulgar things on television.

    Colbert decided it best to call upon British actor Hugh Laurie to read from a list of terms that are approved by Comedy Central's parent company, Viacom, and not on the big four networks.

    And that's when hilarity ensued.

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    Juxtaposed with classical music in the background, Laurie did his best to keep a straight face while reading a letter filled with profanity.

    Words like balls, banging bitches, and titties were all part of the lovely group of terms that are given the greenlight for basic cable.

    Colbert and Laurie even playfully argue at one point about whether or not f--k off is an allowed phrase. Which, of course, it's not.

    The two end their amazing open letter with the words thumb in butt and give a graceful bow to an appalled-yet-laughing audience.

    So do yourself a favor and check out the ridiculously vulgar video above!

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