Teri Hatcher

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Teri Hatcher knows what it's like to make an emergency landing in an airplane.

Her mom, Esther, once suddenly went "unconscious" during a flight to the Kentucky Derby.

"I literally yelled, ‘Mom, don't die,' in the middle of the cabin," Hatcher told me at the premiere of her new movie, Disney's animated Planes. "It was that dramatic."

Luckily, her mom was OK. "She was fine," Hatcher assured us. "She's here tonight with my daughter, my dad, my friends. It's all a good and happy ending."

Kendra Wilkinson

Karl Larson/Powers Imagery

Actually not so much for everyone on the flight. Many were on their way to the Bluegrass State for the Kentucky Derby. "You're just like, ‘If I could stop the race, I would. I feel so bad,'" Hatcher said. "But it was my mom!"

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett also recalled a not so pleasant flight experience. It happened when she flew to Alaska in a seaplane.

No biggie, except the plane's engine went out during the trip.

"I'm afraid of flying as it is," Wilkinson-Baskett said. "I wasn't getting back on that plane to go home until I got really really really drunk. So I went to a local liquor store and I got a big bottle of vodka and I just pounded it. That was the only way I was getting back on the plane. I don't remember the trip back, so it's all good."

Taking flight in a nightclub? Well, that's a much different story.

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