Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, The O.C. The Chrismukkah that Almost Wasn't


As O.C. fans know, yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of the hit Fox show! On Aug. 5, 2003, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Benjamin McKenzie and Rachel Bilson burst onto the Hollywood scene, to the pleasure of TV viewers everywhere.

"I can and I can't [believe it]," Brody told us last night at the Hollywood premiere of his new film Lovelace.

"It's very gratifying to be a part of something that seemed to mean something to a lot of people and be part of this story that everyone kind of invested in," the 33-year-old actor continued. "And also, as you get older, decades seem shorter and shorter actually, so on one hand, it's crazy that it was 10 years ago, on the other hand, it feels like a long time."

But can Brody ever see an O.C. reunion happening? "Someone asked me that and I said on stage," he smiled. "I'd like to do the play."

Flash forward 10 years since The O.C., and Brody stars in Lovelace as Harry Reems, Linda Lovelace's male costar in famed porno Deep Throat.

"The majority of my part really is reenacting that movie so I tried to just mimic it," he said of Deep Throat. "The truth of the mater is, the physicality, not to get too graphic, is slight different than it is in [Deep Throat]. I'm seated in a chair in our film. Harry Reems was not...I just sort of tried to mimic his acting from that movie."

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