Shark Week

Discovery Channel

It's one of the most anticipated animal events of the year, second only to the Puppy Bowl during the Super Bowl (though we are more partial to the kitten halftime show). It's Shark Week!

The toothy fun started yesterday, but you might have been too busy reacting to the new Doctor Who casting to notice. Fret not! We have your easy guide to all the specials, documentaries and whatnot happening during Shark Week.

Shark After Dark, 11 p.m. every night: An hour-long late-night live talk show hosted by comedian Josh Wolf celebrating all things sharks! Guests will include celebrities, shark experts and attack survivors.

Return of Jaws, Monday 9 p.m.: Chilling footage caught by the Shark Cam, which tracked Great White sharks living and hunting off the shores of Cape Cod, aka the setting for that little film called Jaws.

Voodoo Sharks, Monday 10 p.m.: Discovery Channel investigates the Bull Shark population that is now taking up residence in the bayous of Louisiana. Locals also tell a story about an even larger shark inhabiting the shallow swamps, which could be a brand-new species…or simply a ghost story.

I Escaped Jaws, Tuesday 9 p.m.: Get first-hand accounts from shark attack survivors as well as actual footage caught by eyewitnesses. 

Spawn of Jaws, Tuesday 10 p.m.: This special follows a team of scientists studying the life cycle and breeding grounds of the Great White shark using stage of the art technology.

Top 10 Sharkdown, Wednesday 9 p.m.: A special that updates the shark attack files for the 21st century and takes a closer look at the top 10 sharks you don't want to be caught swimming with.

Great White Serial Killer, Wednesday 10 p.m.: Natural history producer and Emmy-nominated Jeff Kurr returns with a new special about two fatal shark attacks near Vandenberg Air Force base in California. Was it the work of multiple sharks…or just one deadly shark?

Sharkpocalypse, Thursday 9 p.m.: After one of the most fatal years of shark encounters, Sharkpocalypse will take a look at the scary trend of sharks moving closer to shorelines while debating if there is a connection between the dwindling shark population and the increase in shark attacks.

Alien Sharks of the Deep, Thursday 10 p.m.: This special follows American and Japanese scientist as they explore the deepest and darkest corners of the ocean in search of some of the rarest sharks on the planet, including the elusive Megamouth shark.

Great White Gauntlet, Friday 8 p.m.: The coast of South Australia is home to a rare sea snail called the abalone which is worth thousands on the international market. It's also home to one of the most dangerous Great White feeding grounds, so abalone divers have one of the deadliest jobs in the world. Great White Gauntlet follows a day in the life of this life-threatening career.

For more info on Shark Week, check out the details at Discovery's Shark Week site.

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