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Oprah Shows Off a Sexy Afro on the Cover of Her Magazine—See the Pic!

O, The Oprah Magazine Hearst Magazine

Oprah Winfrey is making a hair-raising statement on the September 2013 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine!

Winfrey rocks a sexy high-volume Afro that spans almost the entire background of the magazine's cover. In bold lettering to her side is the issue's mantra, "Let's Talk About HAIR!" (We will, O, we will.) She wears a flirty, décolletage-bearing orange dress with gold and fuchsia accessories, including a sparkly headband to hold her colossal coif back. 

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The TV mogul posted the cover shot onto her Facebook page with a caption that conveys her love for the look: "Just revealed this new cover of O, The Oprah Magazine—one of my faves ever—Let's talk about HAIR! Love this cover so much, I'm making it my new profile pic!" She followed up with equally enthusiastic posts on Twitter.

We think this look is fab—Oprah carries a ‘fro beautifully. But her natural hair is also stunning, as seen in a photo inside the magazine where Oprah sports healthy, shoulder-grazing locks.

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O, The Oprah Magazine Hearst Magazine

In a video promoting the issue, Oprah explains why she chose hair for the mag's September 2013 theme. "Women, we have issues with our hair," she said. "[Women's] hair represents the first thing anyone sees of them, or of ourselves, and so we identify with what our hair looks like."

Winfrey furthers the idea by specifying that all hair types are involved and celebrated: "This issue is all about long, short, thick, thin, weaves, not, wigs…how to handle your hair."

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"This is a Kim Kimble wig, by the way," she added, referring to her cover hair, which weighs over three pounds. No wonder the wig is so amazing: Kimble is responsible for many fierce superstar looks in Hollywood, including Beyoncé's hair.

This isn't Oprah's first foray into foxy big hair: She stars in Lee Daniels' The Butler—opening in theaters Aug. 16—donning a prominent, but shorter Afro for the role

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