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    Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy's Timberlands: See Mommy, Daddy and Baby's Version of the Shoes!

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    Oh, Beyoncé, even your Timberlands are glam!

    The "Standing on the Sun" singer Instagrammed an adorable picture showing off Jay Z Blue Ivy and her own version of the popular boot. Daddy's are standard, baby's are tiny, and Mommy's, of course, have a very high heel! 

    So how exactly does Queen Bey manage to be a wife, mother, international superstar and still have time to keep her social media update? Because everything the 31-year-old singer does, she does with love.

    PHOTO: Cute! Bey and Jay boogie down

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    "If I do things that I love, then it works out, and I find time [for myself]. And I'm passionate about it," she said in an interview with Australia's The Project. "So, I think that's the key to life. It's just finding what you love—and as long as it comes from that passion—my body is like a machine!"

    And when, inevitably, Beyoncé gets caught up in a situation she doesn't love, she rolls with the punches! Like when her hair got tangled up and stuck in a supersized fan onstage, she kept right on singing "Halo." She even Instagrammed a reworked cue sheet for the song later joking about the incident, saying, "Gravity can't begiiiiiin to pull me out of the fan again/ I felt my hair was YANKIIIIIIIN / From the fan that's always hatiiiiiiin."

    Clearly that fan was defective because it should not be hatiiiiiiin on Queen Bey.

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