Before his Emmy-winning role in Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul had a special television appearance he'll always remember.

His costar for the occasion? The one and only Bob Barker! That's right, shortly after moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting, Paul was selected as a contestant on CBS' long-running game show The Price is Right.

Video has resurfaced showing the actor freaking out when he's asked to "Come on down" and compete for a variety of prizes and swag.

"You're the man, Bob! You're my idol," Paul yells before bidding on a flattop desk. After placing just one bid, the actor was given the chance to advance all the way to the showcase showdown.

With a sportscar included in his package, Paul placed his bid at $26,368. Unfortunately, he ended up overbidding by only $132.

"You have no idea; I was depressed for many, many months," Paul told Jay Leno during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. We can still feel your pain years later, man.

Despite his disappointment, Paul walked away with the desk. Plus, with an Emmy and hit show now on his hands, we'd say Paul ended up being a big winner.

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