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Congrats, Simon Cowell! You are having a baby…with your best friend's wife. True, they are estranged, so it's not that scandalous. Besides, your baby drama has nothing on the storylines that have pregnancy infiltrated our favorite television shows.

From paternity uncertainty to fake baby bumps, here are five of the biggest TV baby-drama plotlines in recent years:

1. Quinn, GleeThere's nothing more scandalous then a high school pregnancy, but what if the father is your boyfriend's best friend? Yikes! Talk about awkward. Quinn (Dianna Agron), (who was the president of the celibacy club at the time, BTW!) lied to her perfect quarterback boyfriend Finn (Cory Monteith) and hooked up with bad boy Puck (Mark Salling) in the first season of Glee. Luckily, the truth came out far before Quinn ever got to the delivery room.

2. Angela, The Office: Wanting desperately to keep her marriage to the senator intact, Angela (Angela Kinsey) lied for several seasons about the true paternity of her son, Phillip. She even fixed the DNA test that her lover Dwight (Rainn Wilson) forced her to get. It wasn't until the penultimate episode of the series did Angela finally reveal to Dwight that Phillip was indeed his son. And Dwight seemed to take the news OK considering he didn't know that the boy was his for quite a few years.

3. Bree, Desperate Housewives: OK, so technically Bree (Marcia Cross) wasn't actually pregnant on Desperate Housewives, but she definitely acted like it! In order to fool her neighbors into thinking that her daughter's baby was actually her own, Bree faked a growing belly using pregnancy pillows. The jig was almost up when Bree accidently stabbed her stomach with a fork at a barbeque, but her lame excuse ("It's a magic trick!") was somehow enough to fool the Wisteria Lane residents. 

Julian McMahon, Jessalyn Gilsig, Nip/Tuck


4. Gina, Nip/Tuck: It was supposed to be a happy occasion when reformed lothario Christian (Julian McMahon) was at Gina's (Jessalyn Gilsig) side for the birth of their baby at the end of season one. Until the doctor pulled out an African-American baby, then understandably his spirits plummeted. And since both Christian and Gina were white and no one in that room was a moron, it was quickly deduced that there was no way Christian could have fathered that baby. 

5. Blair, Gossip Girl: Now this was definitely something worth gossiping about! Just a few weeks before queen bee Blair (Leighton Meester) was to marry her Prince Charming, our favorite fashionista discovered that she was preggers. But the real problem was the fact that we didn’t know if the father was Prince Louis of Monaco or her former flame (and recent hookup!) Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). In the end, Blair unfortunately lost the baby in a tragic car accident, but her endgame man Chuck was ready to raise that baby no matter who the daddy was. Awww!

What other shocking TV pregnacy storylines did we miss?

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