Brooklyn Nine-Nine


"The correct way to address Andre Braugher is the Andre Braugher."

So says Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Joe Lo Truglio in this exclusive featurette for the new Fox comedy, premiering Sept. 17. Basically, the legendary actor is the big man on set.

"I got on the show before I knew that the great Andre Braugher was going to be our captain," Terry Crews reveals. "So when I found out, I was like, ‘Oh, man. I gotta become a better actor!'"

But the comedic actors on set weren't the only ones who were nervous about Braugher coming aboard. Braugher himself was stepping into unfamiliar territory with a comedy, after all.

"It's new and its challenging, the idea of improving and finding the comedy edge," he says. "It's very important to be truthful and engaged with all the comedians so that I can play on the same playing field. So when they toss it to me, I can toss it right back. And that's a real challenge, but I like it a lot."

To hear more from the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and to find out what Andy Samberg caught Braugher listening to in his trailer, watch the exclusive video below!

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