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    Ireland Baldwin, Slater Trout and Adorable, Swimming Pugs Hit the Pool—Watch Now!

    Ireland Baldwin, Slater Trout Instagram

    It'd be nice to have a hot paddle surfer boyfriend. And a pool in the Hamptons? Why not! But the most enviable part of Ireland Baldwin's perfect summer day was…

    Her amazingly awesome swimming pugs! And on Thursday, the 17-year-old model spent some quality time with Slater Trout and, of course, her dogs Packer, Napoleon and Eli.

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    Ireland Baldwin, Slater Trout Instagram

    Naturally, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basingers daughter shared some of the highlights with her social media followers. In one Instagram pic, the bikini-clad teen props a pug on her stomach and jokes that the pair have "#matchingdoublechins." (Obviously, this is silly, because she is a fit, 6-foot, 2-inch model and pugs are athletic but sturdily built.)

    PHOTO: Ireland licks Slater's abs, because...why not?

    Ireland Baldwin, Slater Trout Instagram

    She also Instagrammed a kissy pic with two of her three flat-faced loves in the water, describing the precious moment as "Smushed face life." And she couldn't help but gawk at one pug's voluptuousness, posting a picture from behind captioned simply, "dat ass"

    Slater, 18, wasn't immune to the dogs' pugnacious charm. He grabbed two of the pups in his arms and posed for a pic, then shared a cute, giggly Vine of Ireland and the dogs in the water.

    VIDEO: Ireland's ready to welcome a little sister!

    Ah, wonderful life! But the fun, sadly, had to come to an end. On Friday, Slater left New York to head back West for training.

    "Nothing worse than saying goodby. Nothing," he tweeted. "But I had the best start to the summer ever. This last month was amazing. Time 2 hammer down & start training. See u soon @IrelandBBaldwin"

    Ireland was bummed, too, tweeting, "Not good with goodbyes," and then a sad face. Thank goodness, though, until the next time she and Slater reunite, Ms. Baldwin has Packer, Napoleon and Leo. Nothing beats pug love.

    Ireland Baldwin, Slater Trout Instagram

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