"In the Way" Guy Is Internet's Newest Meme and He's Ready to Ruin All Your Photographs

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In the way guy
In the way guy Nick Landis

Internet, meet "In The Way" Guy. You already know who he is, though, on account of the fact that he has probably ruined one of your photos before. So really, it's more, "In the Way" Guy, meet the Internet.

And boy, has he made quite the first impression.

Nick Landis of Plymouth, Minn., was proposing to his girlfriend, Erika Boone, at Walt Disney World when a Disney staffer tried to capture the moment on camera. Instead, they caught "In the Way" Guy, getting in the way of a romantic memory.

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In the way guy Nick Landis

Landis uploaded the photo to Reddit, writing, "Tried to get a photo of our proposal...nailed it!" According to Know Your Meme, the original post got 32,700 upvotes and 1,500 comments in 16 hours. 

"Neither of us realized that it happened at the time because we were focused on one thing,'' Landis told Today. "He saw what was happening, and made split-second decision to jump in front rather than run around the camera person. We thought it was hilarious having a moment like that." 

Note No. 1: The fact that the kid in the first picture—who is an equal if not better photobomber—didn't become a meme boggles our minds. But apparently there can only be one meme per moment. Sorry, kid. Note No. 2: The fact that a Reddit user was photobombed twice during one engagement is proof of a greater plan.

Needless to say, it didn't take long before "In the Way" Guy was Photoshopped into other big moments. And we decided to try our hand at the meme to commemorate the birth of the royal baby, Prince George, with this E! Online original:

Royal Baby, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, In The Way Guy AP Photo/Lefteris PitarakisNick Landis

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Kanye West wasn't the only one who popped up when Taylor Swift won that VMA.

In the way guy, Taylor Swift Nick Landis

Tried to get a photo of President Barack Obama being sworn into office. Nailed it!

In the way guy, Inauguration Nick Landis

Did you know there was a fifth Beatle who was in a bigger hurry to cross Abbey Road?

In the way guy, Abbey Road Nick Landis

You can't even get a decent picture in space without this guy ruining it. That's dedication!

In the way guy, Moon Nick Landis

He's everywhere.

"The odds of him knowing this happened now are a lot larger than they were before,'' Landis also said. "I just hope the guy is taking it in stride. I would feel bad if he was being ridiculed by his friends."

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