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Joseph Morgan, actor, writer, producer, safe werewolf sex activist.

The Originals star is here to help, folks! After his Vampire Diaries character Klaus slept with werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), fans were shocked to learn she was pregnant in the backdoor pilot, Morgan wants to make sure young vamps, wolves and any other supernatural being learned from Klaus and Hayley's one night stand turned pregnancy.

"Pay attention, guys. This is serious," Morgan sternly warns during an interview with Kristin Dos Santos at Comic-Con. "If you meet a girl, and it's innocent, you're having fun, you're drinking some whiskey, you're showing her your paintings and one thing leads to another and you do end up having a one night stand, then try and make sure that she doesn't turn into a bloodthirsty ravenous beast every full moon because it's just going to get complicated. Be safe."

All wolf sex jokes aside, Morgan is incredibly excited for fans to see Klaus, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) take the party to New Orleans.

"I've read the first two scripts and I am just so excited. They both feature elements of flashback. They're both really on a larger scale," he teases. "This is a war we're building toward. The first episode takes place on the same timeline as the pilot, only this time we're seeing Elijah's point of view, so we're seeing all the little bits we didn't see when the pilot aired. So it's really very exciting for me. And it has a heart-stopping ending."

But it won't just be flashbacks to the Originals as Klaus' former-BFF-turned-enemy Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) will be getting some major backstory of his very own. "You'll see his history. You can hate him at first, but maybe, hopefully he'll grow on you and you'll like him," Davis spills. "I hope you'll at least understand where he's coming from. You're going to find out very, very quickly that he has a heart. And I think, like all people, he just doesn't want to be misunderstood. Open up your hearts, people!"

And we hate to be the bearer of bad news, Morgan fans, but the actor tells us he'll let his equally attractive co-stars bite the shirtless bullet for now. "It's got to be Charles Michael Davis' turn! When has Elijah ever been shirtless?" he jokes. "I just did a movie in New Orleans where I was playing an experimental chemist who manufactures illegal drugs and tries them himself so I tried to lose a lot of weight for that, so I don't think I'm quite CW ready to take my shirt off again. I need to put a little more muscle on, you know?"

More likely to be taking off their shirt? Holt, who confirms that Rebekah is hootching it up with Matt (Zach Roerig) in Europe when we catch up with them on The Vampire Diaries. "That is very correct. Rebecca is very hoochie. Hooch-alicious," she says. "They've been screwing their way around Europe, I think. It'll be a fun ending to that storyline." Ending?! Boo!

The Originals premieres Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

For more scoop, watch our interviews with Morgan, Davis and Holt above!

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