Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr

Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images for Global Green

Miranda Kerr is spilling the beans when it comes to hubby Orlando Bloom's romantic tendencies.

The 30-year-old model discretely revealed in a recent beauty interview that her other half has a thing for...her feet!

"I always keep my handbag packed with a few essentials," Kerr told Into the Gloss about her beauty upkeep. "Like, I believe in dental hygiene, even on the go, so GUM toothpicks are a must. And I always keep Similasan Dry Eye Relief on me. My eyes have been burned by flash bulbs twice at photo shoots—like blisters on my eyes—so I try to keep them lubricated now. I've also got tweezers and scissors for my nails in my bag."

Innocent enough, right?

"I'm really a freak about my nails," she continued. "Orlando and I share a nail thing—he has a bit of a foot fetish. I like OPI's Koala Bear-y on my nails. It's not organic, but sometimes I just do it."

Foot fetishes or not, whatever the cute couple has been doing since getting married back in 2010 seems to be working!

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