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    Gravity Trailer: Watch George Clooney and Sandra Bullock Go for an Anxiety-Inducing Spin in Space Thriller

    Gravity YouTube

    People with motion sickness beware: you're in for the ride of your life!

    The new trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's roller-coaster 3D film, Gravity, has hit the web and finds George Clooney and Sandra Bullock playing NASA astronauts plunged into imminent danger when their space shuttle is struck by orbiting debris during a space walk.

    The single-shot clip, appropriately titled "Detached," is part of one unbroken and thrilling 17-minute long take that fans at last weekend's Comic-Con got to see. In it, Bullock's character is forced to cut loose from a module that's spinning out of control before finding herself floating off into the blackness of space.

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    It's an intense and breathtaking sequence, but one that packs an emotional punch as the duo must depend on each other without any communication from earth to survive over the remainder of the film's brief 88-minute running time.

    And according to the director, whose last film was 2006's Children of Men, it's also one of the most technically complex and ambitious films to come along since Avatar as the sci-fi drama uses computer animation in a bid to make the story as realistic as possible. Or as Cuarón told Collider in a recent interview, the goal was to make it look like a Discovery Channel documentary.

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    Gravity YouTube

    "We went through pains to try to honor reality, as much as we could," said the director, who co-wrote the movie with his son, Jonas. "Definitely with the concept of Zero G and No Resistance, that was something that we went through pains to try to make accurate."

    No doubt, moviegoers will feel plenty of anxiety and dread—and perhaps in some cases maybe a little nausea, too.

    Gravity, which will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in August, releases in theaters and on IMAX on Oct. 4.

    Gravity YouTube

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