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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Other Surprise Recastings

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Dougray Scott, Hugh Jackman, Roles Recast
Dougray Scott, Hugh Jackman, Roles Recast Dave M. Benett/Getty Images/Marvel Characters Inc/Fox

Can you picture the X-Men movies without the talented (and very handsome) Hugh Jackman? It's hard to imagine, but in reality, it almost happened.

Dougray Scott was originally selected to play the role of Wolverine in 2000. Unfortunately for him, filming of his movie Mission Impossible 2 was delayed, making it impossible for him to take on another job.

In a last-minute decision, director Bryan Singer was forced to recast the role. Lucky for us, Jackman was ready to bulk up and accept the challenge. He's been entertaining us and coming back for more ever since!

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Benjamin Bratt, Al Pacino, Roles Recast Jemal Countess/WireImage/Ronda Churchill/AP

X-Men certainly isn't the only major project on the big and small screen that required a change in actors.

Benjamin Bratt stepped in for Al Pacino in this summer's Despicable Me 2. Pacino reportedly cited "creative differences" as the reason for his exit.  

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Maura Tierney had to leave NBC's family drama Parenthood. Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham was selected as her replacement.

Finally, Jessica Chastain said yes to the starring role in Zero Dark Thirty after Rooney Mara's schedule conflicted with filming. Lucky for Chastain, her acting skills in the film earned her a Golden Globe Award. Not a bad payoff, in our opinion.

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