Aaron Paul, Jay Leno

Aaron Paul may have two Emmys, another nomination and a new smoking-hot wife, but his life wasn't always this perfect.

On last night's Tonight Show With Jay Leno, the Breaking Bad star took a stroll was forced down memory lane when Jay showed a clip of one of his first acting jobs: playing Romeo on Beverly Hills 90210. The original 90210, folks.

We don't think his acting is that bad (we've seen much, much worse), but the look on Paul's face after watching the clip is priceless. The only way to describe it? Horrified.

"That was awful! That was awful. Wow! Oh my good god." he said while presumably mentally curling into a ball and dying.

Leno joked: "I realize I just cost you the nomination. I'm sorry."

Watch the clip below and head on down to the comments to ponder how Paul went from that to the legendary Jesse Pinkman.

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