John proposing to Sarah with Spud

Empty the 2013 time capsule and include a link to only this YouTube video. That's it. Because this video includes everything that the Internet loves right now: 

1. An adorable dog

2. A proposal

3. A crazy Australian dude

The dog is 15-month-old black lab Spud, and he's tasked by his owner, Aussie John McCormack, with delivering an engagement ring to his fiancée-to-be, Scottish nurse Sarah Leighton (and to not eat the box, "whatever you do").

Spoiler alert: She says yes.

Because if she didn't say yes, we'd be watching this video for completely different reasons.

But the best part of the video isn't the adorable pup or the teary girlfriend. It's the way that John asks her, which has earned him the honor of being dubbed "The Most Aussie Proposal Ever."

(No. He didn't get naked and streak through it. He's not that kind of Australian.)

"So what do ya reckon?" McCormack proposes. He then gets down on one knee and, for a moment, you think he's going to profess his love for her and ask for her hand in marriage.

Instead, he repeats, "What do ya reckon? Wanna get married?"

A sentiment which is only topped when, after the two kiss, he asks, "Was that a yes or what, a--hole?" (Again: She said yes.)

"I had a few good ideas going through my brain but she's got a broken ankle so all those plans sort of went out the window and I just thought I better get on with it," John told 9News after the video went viral, saying that he thought about doing it at a rugby match or during a hot-air balloon ride.

We have a feeling that even if it had been in Paris under the Eiffel Tower with an elaborate flash mob and a cameo by her favorite celebrity, he would have still called his blushing bride-to-be an a--hole.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

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