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    Kirk Cameron's Unstoppable Promos Stay Up on YouTube

    Kirk Cameron Facebook

    Kirk Cameron's prayers were answered—thanks to his devoted fans.

    The Growing Pains actor-turned-evangelist is celebrating after YouTube and Facebook both reversed course and lifted their ban on the trailer for his new evangelical-themed documentary, Unstoppable, after the companies cited the promo for allegedly violating their respective policies concerning spam.

    "Because of your firm, loving, and clear voice, not only did Facebook welcome us back, YouTube also removed its block on our Unstoppable movie trailer. We are back online with full access. Thank you!!" Cameron wrote on his Facebook page last Friday.

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    The day before, the 42-year-old actor took to the Internet to inform his faithful flock that Facebook blocked him and his followers from posting links to the preview—which hyped a Sept. 24 screening of the film—reciting the social network's explanation that it considered such posts "'abusive,' 'unsafe,' and 'spammy.'"

    "This is my most personal film about faith, hope, and love, and about why God allows bad things to happen to good people. What is 'abusive' or 'unsafe' about that?!" Cameron complained. "Please help us encourage Facebook to unblock our website soon by sharing this post with your friends so more people can see this transparent, faith-building project."

    After a groundswell of Netizens responded, the post received over 339,000 shares and 108,000 likes, prompting Facebook to apologize and allow the links.

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    However after acknowledging that win on Friday—a particularly big one given the movie is showing for one-night only— the former Mike Seaver says he was forced to put out yet another call for assistance, noting YouTube had done the same exact thing.

    "You all just demonstrated to the press (they are all calling me to talk about your amazing response!) that the communities of faith, hope, and love are, well... unstoppable," Cameron wrote in a subsequent message. "Now can you all talk to YouTube?? They have blocked and labeled the Unstoppable trailer as 'spam,' 'scam,' and deceptive! We did it once, we can do it again."

    Kirk Cameron Facebook

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    So let it be written, so let it be done.

    A rep for YouTube was unavailable for comment.

    Unstoppable is being beamed to theaters across the country and will feature a live Q&A with Cameron from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

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