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Kate Moss Debuts Chic Cell Phone Covers Inspired by Her Tattoo, Jewelry & More Personal Items

Kate Moss, Carphone Warehouse Dave M. Benett/Getty Images for Carphone Warehouse

Kate Moss is no stranger to modeling—or creating!—fab designs.

You may recall that back in 2008, her oh-so-popular Topshop collection sold out within an hour!

And now the supermodel is showing off her design savvy yet again with a new collection of—wait for it—cell phone covers.

True, smart phone shells aren't exactly the most exciting accessories, but we have to admit the covers are pretty chic and definitely in keeping with Moss' covetable style.

The supermodel showed off her creations for UK phone company Carphone Warehouse during a launch party in London on Wednesday that was attended by the likes of like Sadie Frost, Pixie Geldof and Nick Grimshaw.

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Kate Moss, Carphone Warehouse Kate Moss for Carphone Warehouse

And just like Moss' personal style, the collection featured a lot of black and a lot of leather for an effortlessly edgy feel.

"I was inspired by all the things I love," she explained to Vogue U.K. at the event. "It was very much about the texture and the detail—a star, a stud, some leather."

The Brit babe drew inspiration from personal items for the cases, including a vintage lighter that fueled the creation of a mock crocodile finish for one case, and a diamond star-shaped necklace that sparked the idea to make a similar pattern for another. Plus, the anchor logo that dots the tech accessories is a nod to the nautical tattoo that Moss sports on her wrist. 

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Kate Moss, Carphone Warehouse Kate Moss for Carphone Warehouse

Pretty stylish for cell phone covers, huh? And that's exactly why Moss agreed to sign on with Carphone Warehouse when they first approached her.

"I looked into it and I realized that there was nothing else like it out there—there was nothing that I liked, anyway—nothing really luxury, nothing really chic," she told Vogue.

Moss' designs hit Carphone Warehouse stores in the U.K. on July 24 and will be available to us Yanks on the retailer's website.

What do you think of Kate's cell phone covers? 

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