Inside a barn, seven feet above the floor, behind a stereo cabinet, tucked in a wooden box...

No, that's not a treasure hunt clue. It's the place in Robert Blake's home where a .38-caliber gun was discovered last week by a man removing gym equipment from the barn.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that police got a search warrant and, after subsequent digging around, found a second .38 caliber revolver, 11 bullets and a range of assorted items, including the will of Blake's adult daughter, Delinah.

Just how these items fit in as potential evidence against the Baretta star, who is behind bars, charged with fatally shooting wife Bonny Lee Bakely in May 2001, is not yet clear. But the search warrant affidavit stated "the gun in the barn may be that gun" that investigators allege Blake showed, in its zippered holster, to two stuntmen he tried to solicit to murder Bakley.

"Recovery of that firearm will give us information regarding the kinds of ammunition that Defendant Blake used and the sources of Defendant Blake's firearms," wrote Detective Ron Ito.

"The discovery of the box in the barn leads me to believe that the Hidden Hills house may yet contain documents or photographs which pertain to Defendant Blake's plot to...kill his wife," Ito wrote, noting he believed it likely that "the clothing in the box contains gunshot residue or other trace evidence relating to the murder."

According to the Times, the search warrant stated the unidentified man who opened the wooden box had spotted "a blue steel gun in a holster" and also thought he saw "a knit hat and garment that he thought might be a pair of gloves." (Maybe he was having an O.J. moment.) He "immediately became nervous and called LAPD."

Blake, who has repeatedly been denied bail, is accused of shooting Bakley with a World War II-era German pistol, an unregistered P-38, recovered from a dumpster near the scene of the crime. There were no fingerprints on that weapon, which was covered with fresh motor oil and contained a bullet that matched casings found in and around the car where Bakley had been shot.

The additional items recovered in the recent police search include an oil can, steel wool, Teflon lubricant, a gun holster, leggings, a videotape, checks and a 22-inch metal bar with a black handle.

The police previously searched Blake's suburban L.A. home after he was arrested in April. They have declined comment on the contents of the latest search warrant.

Blake's attorney Harland Braun, who on Tuesday filed a petition in the California Supreme Court seeking immediate bail for his client, told the Associated Press today that the defense team knew about the guns a year ago and offered them to police.

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