BACK TO WORK: Britney Spears telling Reuters on Tuesday she plans to return to the recording studio after a break in Italy visiting designer Donatella Versace. The pop princess is currently taking six months off.

LOVE HIM TENDER: Elvis 30 No. 1 Hits debuting atop the charts this week, selling more than 500,000 copies in the U.S. alone. It also hit number one in 16 different countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Australia.

TROPHY TIME: Steven Spielberg's Minority Report named Hollywood Movie of the Year at the Sixth Annual Hollywood Film Festival. Tom Hanks is the fest's Hollywood Actor of the Year, Jennifer Aniston the Hollywood Actress of the Year and Naomi Watts the Breaktrough Performer. Jodie Foster will also recieve a lifetime achivement award when the hardware gets handed out next Monday in Beverly Hills.

MAKING NICE? A lawyer for Tommy Lee saying the rocker's long-simmering custody battle with ex-wife Pamela Anerson may be settled by Monday. The two have been fighting over their two sons since splitting in 1999.

TAKING TO THE SEA: Brad Pitt aboard as the voice of Sinbad in DreamWorks' upcoming animated adventure Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Michelle Pfeiffer and Catherine Zeta-Jones are also lending their voices.

SNIPPED: Snoop Dogg edited out of an upcoming Muppets TV movie due to time constraints, according to the Jim Henson Company, not because of the hip-hopster's love of marijuana and pornography.

BACK TO THE GRIND: Paramount Pictures delaying the release of its sci-fi actioner The Core from November 1 to early 2003, to give filmmakers more time to beef up the special effects.

SOUNDTRACKING: Eminem to release the soundtrack to his movie debut, 8 Mile, October 29. The disc includes three new Em songs and tracks from Nas, Jay-Z, Gang Starr and Rakim. The film is due November 8.

THE HEAT IS ON: Lawmakers in Congress on Tuesday putting pressure on the recording industry to label music with more detailed parental warnings, saying too many of America's kids are exposed to violent and sexually explicit lyrics.

COMING ACROSS THE POND: British pop star Robbie Williams signing a four-album $125.5 million contract, the biggest record deal in British music history, Britain's Sun reports. The contract also includes a push to try to make him a star in the United States.

SUFFER THE SLINGS AND ARROWS: Barbra Streisand admitting on Tuesday that she goofed when she inadvertently misquoted William Shakespeare when slamming President Bush during a Democratic fundraiser in Los Angeles.

FREE MUSIC! OD2, a company cofounded by Peter Gabriel, allowing one week's worth of free downloads from more than 6,000 artists, including Coldplay, Dido and Elvis, for music fans in Europe. The offer begins Thursday.,

OFF THE FORCE: Actor Danny Huston dropping out as the star of producer Dick Wolf's Dragnet revival for ABC, saying he felt uncomfortable with the daily rigors of prime-time television. The role will be recast and the pilot reshot.

MARTHA NEWS: An assistant to Martha Stewart's stockbroker pleading guilty Wednesday to a charge that he was paid off to keep secret what he knew about Stewart's alleged insider trading of ImClone stock. As part of the deal, Douglas Faneuil may testify against Stewart and others.

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL: A local council in southern England agreeing to move a footpath at the request of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, who complained that prying eyes could peer into his country home.

MAGICAL: Magicians Penn & Teller signing a new contract worth "several million dollars" a year to stay in Las Vegas and appear at the Rio hotel-casino through December 2004.

MORE GRISHAM: CBS and Hallmark Hall of Fame producing A Painted House, a two-hour TV movie based on the John Grisham coming-of-age novel set in 1950s Arkansas. The film will be directed by Alfonso Arau and likely air during February sweeps.

FREE MAN: A British judge clearing former British pop star Adam Ant on Wednesday of charges of using a gun to threaten pub customers who laughed at his cowboy attire. The judge said Ant was suffering mental problems at the time.

MEA CULPA: Disney Chairman and CEO Michael Eisner taking the blame Tuesday for the company's prolonged fiscal slump. "The last five years have been disappointing in terms of earnings and stock price, and I take responsibility for this fact," Eisner told an investors conference in New York.