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For the fans who loved Glee's Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele), it's not just some crazy "shipper" word. It's a word synonymous with hope, excitement, understanding and love.

For the past four years, Finchel fans have been a strong and passionate fandom—quick to share their thoughts and feelings about that outcast girl with big dreams who met a football player who was scared to take chances. Finchel fans held their breath week after week as the show's pivotal characters fell in love. And though there were always ups and downs, Finn and Rachel did always somehow feel like endgame to their unflappable supporters.

There is no news yet as to how the writers and producers of Glee intend to handle the insurmountable loss of Cory Monteith, and as Gleeks ourselves, we have faith that the show will move on in the best way it can. But for now, to honor the couple that developed such an intense fan following, here are our picks for the five most powerful Finchel duets in Glee's history:

1. "Don't Stop Believin'" in "Pilot":  What can we say? This performance was our first glimpse at Finn and Rachel's budding romance and the New Directions' two most important singers. Their chemistry was electric right from the start and we will never be able to listen to the Journey's song without imagining this scene. 

2. "Faithfully" in "Journey to Regionals": The first season of Glee was filled with Finchel flirtations, stolen moments, longing, and lust, but "Faithfully" finally brought our duo together as a full-fledged couple. This regionals performance was especially touching because just a few moments before the song began, Finn revealed his true feelings for Rachel with the sweetest six-word conversation we've ever witnessed:

Rachel: "Break a leg."
Finn: "I love you."

3. "Pretending" in "New York": "Pretending" was an original song that Finn wrote in hopes of snagging McKinley High a victory at Nationals, but what she really won was a mind-blowing kiss from the love of her life. According to Finn: "It was the Superman of kisses. It came with its own cape."

4. "Roots Before Branches" in "Goodbye": Finn knew that Rachel belonged in New York and she would accomplish amazing goals, so rather than asking her to stay, he let her go. He loved her too much to let her miss out on her destiny.

5. "We've Got Tonight" in "I Do": After the world's most adorable speech, forever known as The Flower Scene, fans were rejuvenated with hope and excitement as these two seem to confirm what their fans had insisted: Finn and Rachel were endgame. "We've Got Tonight" was the couple's last duet together.

Honorable Mentions: 

"Open Your Heart/Borderline" in "Power of Madonna"
"I Just Can't Stop Loving You" in "Michael"
"Smile" in "Mattress"
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" in "Duets"

What are your favorite Finchel songs and moments from Glee?

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