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Beyoncé Shops at Target in Texas—So What Did She Buy?!

Beyonce, Target Courtesy: Katelyn McGaw

Beyoncé may be a diva (noun: the female version of a hustler), but the pop star is also a recessionista (noun: someone who finds killer deals at stores like Target, or as your sassy aunt pronounces it, Tar-zhay). And last night she hit the Target in her hometown of Houston. 

"I went to Target last night around 9 p.m. to get some groceries and saw a few Escalades parked out front. When I was shopping around in the grocery section, I saw a few security guards and what looked like Beyoncé," a fellow shopper, Katelyn McGaw, tells E! News. "As soon as I heard her speaking, I knew it was her!"

Queen B is back down south for her Mrs. Carter Show tour, which stops at the Toyota Center in Houston tonight. Blue Ivy didn't tag along for her mama's shopping spree, but Beyoncé had "a few friends and a few security guards" in tow.

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Katelyn continues, "Her security guard told us to keep a distance, because she was shopping. But we yelled, ‘We love you,' and she had a huge smile and yelled back ‘I love you guys too!'...She didn't take any photos with fans, since it was her day off."

So what did Beyoncé buy?

"When I was buying cookies, she was walking by and said, ‘Oh, we got to get some Pepsi.'" We like to think the cookies were possibly watermelon flavored Oreos, available exclusively at Target. Also, Beyoncé name-drops Pepsi even when she's not getting paid for it! She even spokespersons better than everyone else, ever!

"Later, my boyfriend and I saw her hula-hooping in the aisle, she was laughing and chatting with friends, and hula-hooping in the middle of the aisle," Katelyn recalls. "I couldn't see what she was buying, but she was trying on hats."

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So until we see Beyoncé step out in a new hat, we've turned to Photoshop journalism and a keen eye for Target fashion finds to present a selection of what Bey could possibly have purchased.

This one screams House of Deréon:

Beyonce, Target Hats Target

This floral cap could be dressed up or down:

Beyonce, Target Hats Target

When in Texas, right?!

Beyonce, Target Hats Target

"This is how they made me, Houston, Texas, baby!"

Freakum dress + Freakum hat =

Beyonce, Target Hats Target

Every "Grown Woman" needs a fabulous floppy hat:

Beyonce, Target Hats Target

But since Bey is a diva too, she probably wanted some pizzazz:

Beyonce, Target Hats Target

But who knows. Maybe she opted for a lovely headscarf instead. Back to the Photoshop...

—Reporting by Lindsey Caldwell

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