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    Oldboy Red-Band Trailer: 5 Most Shocking Moments in the Crazy Intense Clip

    Oldboy Trailer

    Brace yourselves—because Oldboy is back.

    The red-band trailer for the highly anticipated Spike Lee remake of the 2003 film has been released, and based off the clip, the violent flick will live up to both the gory and glory of Park Chan-wook's original cult classic.

    The plot centers around a man named Joe Doucett (Josh Brolin) who is abducted, imprisoned for 20 years and then mysteriously released, sending him on a journey to seek revenge and understand why he was held captive.

    Sounds pretty intense, right? Well, here are the five most shocking moments from the Oldboy trailer:

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    Oldboy Trailer

    1. Who's The Killer? Doucett wakes up in a mysterious room (in his tighty-whities, natch) without a phone, window or any means of escape. Upon turning on the TV, Doucett learns his wife has been murdered and he's the prime suspect in the case. While the former couple's daughter survived, Doucett has no way of communicating with his only child in order to defend himself, leaving him entirely hopeless and helpless as the world believes he's responsible for his wife's death.


    Oldboy Trailer

    2. Crazed in Captivity: The years go by as Doucett remains abandoned in his cell without any further answers as to why he's been imprisoned. After five years in the lockdown cell, Doucett begins to go crazy and seemingly attempts suicide a number of times. He even smears his own blood all over a pillow in the shape of a face, as the extreme solidarity appears to make him go mad.

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    Oldboy Trailer

    3. Father-Daughter Connection: The clip then cuts to present day and shows a haggard Ducett who now has long hair, a beard and bloody hands after 20 years in captivity. "You're father's been missing for 20 years," a reporter tells Doucett's now adult daughter as he watches TV from his cell in bewilderment. "If I could somehow bring him here, would you forgive him?" the reporter asks. "I could try," she replies.

    Oldboy Trailer

    4. Role Reversal: After Doucett is unexpectedly released (he bursts out of a trunk in an open meadow with a wad of cash), he embarks on a mission to clear his name and find his daughter. He suddenly receives a call from a blocked number only to discover his daughter is now being held captive. "If you want to see your daughter alive again, answer two questions," the mysterious voice demands. "One: Why did I imprison you for 20 years? And two: Why did I let you go?"

    Oldboy Trailer

    5. Bloody Revenge: Of course, Doucett isn't going to let his daughter die, and he unleashes his wrath on anyone who stands in his way. Cue the gruesome and gory deaths as Doucett delivers some serious blows with his hammer. And it's just as epically violent as you'd expect.

    Oldboy, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson and Elizabeth Olsen his theaters Oct. 25.

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