Rita Ora


Is Rita Ora headed out to go follow the yellow brick road?

The "How We Do" singer's man-made-out-of-tin-get-up doesn't seem fit for much else, frankly. We're never ones to shy away from a little shine, but a bottom and top made of the fabric version of a soda can seems like over-kill, even for this edgy dresser.

So if we had to advise Miss Ora to pick between the metal moto jacket or the silver pencil skirt, which would we keep?

It's tricky because eye-popping outerwear is more common than so much bling on the bottom, making us inclined to say, keep the jacket. But that sleek skirt with a simple top would be super chic...

We think the new face of Madonna's Material Girl collection should follow her heart on this one, unless the Tin Man metaphor is true, and she doesn't have one...

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