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    Johnny Depp's Love Amber Heard Gets Intimate With Another Woman in Sexy Video Shoot

    Amber Heard

    Johnny Depp must be glad to be back with on-again girlfriend Amber Heard, because she is one seductive lady!

    In an Ellen Von Unwerth-directed video for Vs. Magazine, the bisexual beauty gets up close and personal with another female.

    The 27-year-old Zombieland star gets both intimate and angry with a woman appearing to be her alter ego. In the aptly titled "Amber vs. Amber" clip, she pins the other woman to the ground before swapping positions and being straddled herself.

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    Amber Heard

    She wears a series of barely-there outfits—including some lacy black lingerie—and appears quite lustful as she's fed jam straight from a jar. Her apparent alter ego also takes a riding crop to Heard, an homage to the duality of characters she likes to portray.

    Heard was drawn to this particular shoot because it strayed a bit from the straightforward smile-and-look-pretty setup. "There just aren't many complex parts…I've played the girlfriend many times before," she said. "At this point, I think I'm done with that."

    Done with playing just the girlfriend in movies, sure, but in real life, who wouldn't be smitten with Depp?

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    Amber Heard

    On June 27, Heard was spotted in Moscow holding hands with her back-on beau. The duo met on the set  of The Rum Diary back in 2010, and from the get-go, Heard was a fan. She gushed to Guest of a Guest that the actor "is everything you'd hope working with Johnny Depp would be. He's absolutely amazing, as far as his talent and him as a person."

    After Depp and longtime love Vanessa Paradis split in June 2012, things took a more serious turn for the Pirates of the Caribbean star and Ms. Heard. In fact, Depp went so far as to buy his ladylove a horse so they could ride together while he shot The Lone Ranger in New Mexico.

    What girl doesn't want Johnny Depp? And for that matter, a pony, too!

    Amber Heard

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