Dennis Miller's ranting days are numbered.

Just a few months after losing his gig in the Monday Night Football broadcast booth, the thesaurus-wielding funnyguy is wrapping up his own Emmy-winning HBO series after nine seasons, the network confirmed Thursday.

The final episode of Dennis Miller Live will air August 30. No word yet on what guests are scheduled, if any. Miller himself has not yet commented on the decision.

Since his debut on the network in 1994, the former Saturday Night Live star has taken his "Weekend Update" shtick a step further, providing wise-cracking commentary on news and politics while interviewing guests based on a chosen theme.

The show, featuring Miller's now-infamous "rants," ended up making HBO history, giving the pay-cable network its first-ever Emmy for an original series. It also helped the acerbic comedian bounce back from the failure of his short-lived syndicated late-night series, The Dennis Miller Show, which quickly fizzled after its 1992 debut.

No word on what's next for Miller, but the Hollywood trade papers reported that he's in talks with HBO to work on several other potential projects or specials.

It's been an interesting year for Miller: In March, ABC dropped him from Monday Night Football after just two seasons, once producers had the chance to hire broadcasting legend John Madden. The decision came despite ABC's previous insistence that Miller was going to be around for a third year.

Miller had joined the MNF team at a time when producers hoped to inject some life (and ratings) back into the broadcast booth. But ultimately, the reviews were mixed: Some praised Miller's offbeat style, while others derided him as an annoyance who got in the way of the game itself.