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Death Valley Temps Breaks Record High: This Is What Living in the Heat Wave Feels Like

Death Valley, Temperature Death Valley/Twitter

This weekend was the weekend of heat (as in the temperature, not to be confused with the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy hit comedy, The Heat. Which, admittedly, was also hot this weekend).

Death Valley, Calif. broke the record for June highs on Sunday at 129 degrees. Las Vegas clocked in at a record-setting 117 degrees, while Southern California and Arizona were also plagued with triple digit heat.

This is our struggle:

It is 120 degrees. One hundred-and-twenty-effing-degrees.

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Too Hot GIF

Global warming is real. It is too real.

This is approximately what you look and feel like in the heat:

Too Hot GIF

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You can't go outside because the sidewalk has literally transformed into hot coals.

Too Hot GIF

Every step you take is like walking into a wall of heat. You can't breathe.

You can't do anything without breaking into a sweat.

Too Hot GIF

We're talking, nothing. You sweat standing still.

Too Hot GIF

Forget sleeping.

Too Hot GIF

Forget eating.

Too Hot GIF

(Unless it comes in popsicle form.)

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Maybe a day at the pool would be nice? Or or the beach, perhaps?

Too Hot GIF

But then you realize: No.

Too Hot GIF

Not only would that require walking (see above), but the beach is going to be packed with other overheated people, you're going to get sunburned (probably) and any pool you go to is going to will be 75 percent sweat at this point. Other people's sweat.

The devil is real. And he is this heat wave.

So stay indoors and pray for air conditioning.

And if you don't have A/C, well...

Too Hot GIF

You're trapped.

Just pray for yourself.

Too Hot GIF

Good luck.

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