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Mindy Weiss Talks Wedding Trends: From the Hottest Dress to Must-Have Décor

Wedding season is in full swing, but whether you're prepping the final touches for your big day this summer or aren't set to walk down the aisle for a few months, wedding planner Mindy Weiss has a few tips to make sure you're up to speed with all the latest trends.

That's right, even weddings are subject to trends. True, most dresses tend to be white from year to year, but Weiss notes that a certain silhouette is dominating bridal boutiques, thanks to Kate Middleton.

And while most brides and grooms exchange rings, Weiss is suggesting newlyweds take an increasingly popular step to protect their bling.

Read on to find out what she suggests every couple do after saying, ‘I do,' plus to learn about all about cool—and totally doable!—trends she's helped create at her celebrity clients' weddings!

1. Love and Protect: The best man may worry about losing the happy couple's rings, but according to  Weiss it's usually the bride or groom who manage to misplace the valuable jewelry. "I've had several brides and grooms, who have lost their jewelry, their ring—mostly on the honeymoon!" she explains. So, she suggests couples insure their bling. "I'm recommending my brides to go to Perfect Circle Jeweler's Mutual because they basically will ensure any jewelry and can also fit it into the wedding budget."

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Mindy Weiss Wedding Trends Courtesy: Mindy Weiss

2. Light Up: Good lighting can make or break an atmosphere, so you want to make sure you chose wisely for your big day. "Lighting fixtures is a huge trend for bride's décor this year. I always say brides, but it is brides and grooms [who] are opting for hanging variety of different kinds of lamp shades from their tents, if we can get them in ballrooms," Weiss explains. "When we did Hilary Duff's wedding, we literally hung 55 different chandelier pendants over her whole dance floor and her table."

Mindy Weiss Wedding Trends Courtesy: Mindy Weiss

3. Mix It Up: "I really find that whether you are a celebrity or not, everyone is enjoying this kind of outdoor-in, indoor-out look," Weiss revealed. "For Lala Vazquez and Carmello Anthony, at the afterparty, we had brought in tons of modern leather furniture, so people felt like they could sit around until 5 in the morning. For Nicloe Richie and Joel Madden, our afterparty consisted of a lot of leopard different couches, and we kind of did a more bohemian look. So we brought in rugs and couches and big huge spheres that hung over each person."


4. Stun in Sleeves: The Kate effect strikes yet again! According to Weiss, the Duchess of Cambridge's long-sleeved wedding dress is influencing bridal design. "I think because of Kate Middleton's wedding, I think the sleeves came back and if I'm seeing them on the runways now and the fashion shows now, that means they're not coming out until fall, so that means they're gonna go through 2014." 

5. Give Back: How's this for classy? Weiss suggests giving guests a treat. "I love the idea of giving a donation in the guests' honor. It's the gift that keeps on giving, it comes from the heart, it's that mushy feeling, like, ‘Oh, this is awesome.'"


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