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UPDATE: Bynes was back on Twitter Friday afternoon and posted her latest sentiments on both Drake and her apparent ex-boyfriend Kid Cudi, "I Know I Love Drake Because If He Got Parkinson's Or Got Into Some Sort Of Accident & He Looked Different He'd Still Be The Only One I Want," she wrote before later adding, Scott Mescudi is the only ugly guy that I've dated."

Amanda Bynes is at it again.

The social media star took to Twitter last night to share her affinity for plastic surgery, her hatred for Drake and her apparent love of Mac Miller, as evidenced by her most recent raunchy tweet. 

Because apparently, asking the "Started From the Bottom" singer to murder her vagina wasn't enough.

Bynes, who claims she recently underwent plastic surgery to fix "webbing" between her eyes, started off by sharing just how much she adores going under the knife.

"I Love Surgery," she wrote last night before posting her plans to alter her entire appearance, "I Plan On Having Surgery On My Whole Face Straight Up."

But that was just the beginning of the 27-year-old star's eccentric tweets, and she later tweeted her true feelings about the social media site.

"Twitter Is High School For Adults," she wrote.

Based on the former Nickelodeon star's infamous Twitter feuds (looking at you, Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen and Jenny McCarthy to name a few), we'd say that's one of her more accurate musings.

But that's not all. Things took a turn for the, um, interesting this morning when rapper Mac Miller tweeted at Amanda.

"@AmandaBynes please murder my vagina," the "Knock Knock" rapper wrote.

To which Bynes replied: "@MacMiller hop on my d--k"

Yeah, that happened.

And in case Mac was concerned Amanda's still hung up on Drake, the She's The Man star made sure to let followers know how much she currently despises the performer (although, as we've seen, her feelings may change tomorrow). 

"@drake looks like an ugly old woman," she wrote before adding, "The only person uglier than @drake is his mom"

Yesterday, Amanda dished out a few more disses, calling both her sister, Jillian, and Zac Efron "ugly" on Twitter (the tweets have since been deleted). 

"My Sister Jillian Has An Ugly Face Don't Worry Drake," she posted. "@zacefron has an ugly face," she later said of her She's the Man costar.

She also threatened to take legal action (again) against any tabloid publishing photos she claimed were Photoshopped.

Well, no telling what she'll say tomorrow, but it will surely be entertaining.

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