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6 Instagram Tips Michelle Obama Should Take From BFF Beyoncé

Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Instagram Instagram

Six photos in, Michelle Obama hasn't committed any big Instagram faux pas yet. She hasn't posted any duckface selfies. She doesn't overload her captions with hashtags (#follow4follow #instacool #TagsForLikes #cute #me). She hasn't used Kelvin. 

And while FLOTUS isn't manning her feed alone ("This account is run by the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama," her bio reads. "Instagrams from the First Lady are signed -mo."), there is one person she needs to have weigh in: Beyoncé.

Aside from an ill-advised decision to change her username from @baddiebey to @beyonce (we loved the name @baddiebey! We wish Michelle Obama had chosen @baddiebama instead of just her name!), Bey has been killing the Instagram game. So take notes:

Beyonce, Instagram, Michelle Obama Instagram; Getty Images

1. Outfits of the Day: Queen B has some of the most elaborate #OOTDs out there—and not a single one is a selfie taken in the mirror. You have the fashion icon status down, Michelle (can we call you Queen Mi?), so now just show it off. Every day. And the more ridiculous the pose, the better.

Beyonce, Instagram Instagram

2. Throwback Thursday: Look at baby Beyoncé! She's so cute! And baby Solange is so cute too! Everybody likes a good #tbt, assuming you're not throwing back to like a week ago (hate when people do that). We wany baby pictures, prom pictures, whatever you got, Michelle. Make sure you get them up on Thursday too. You do not want to be one of those #FlashbackFriday people.

Beyonce, Instagram Instagram

3. Food: While we haven't seen a #brunchstagram from Beyoncé yet (you know Bey's down with brunch too, so where are they?), she has proven that she can take good pics of food. This isn't as easy as it sounds, first lady. Some people take a picture of their food (with flash! Can you even believe it?) and think they can slap any filter on it and it will look appetizing. This is wrong and should be a crime.

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Beyonce, Instagram, Michelle Obama Instagram; Getty Images

4. Famous Friends: Regular people post pictures with their regular friends ("Don't know what I'd do without my girls! Love you betches"). Bey's "regular" friends include Kelly Rowland and Oprah Winfrey, as well as Michelle Williams, the star of the theatrical show Fela! Pool party with Alicia Keys? Post it, Ms. Obama. Selfie with Eva Longoria? Post that too.

Beyonce, Instagram Instagram

5. Swag: We know you get free stuff, FLOTUS. That's OK. That's more than OK. That's awesome, lucky you! It's one of the perks of the job. We just want to see it. So when you get free designer shoes or billion-dollar diamond jewelry or even one of those really fancy cookie baskets, rub it in our faces a bit. Let us score swag vicariously through you.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Jay-Z Twitter; Instagram

6. PDA: We don't need to see anyone getting past first base (that's for a different corner of the Internet), but we love when B proves that '03 Bonnie & Clyde are as in love with each other as we think they are.

Here, we found a picture of you and President Barack Obama being affectionate in public. It's friggin' adorable. Put it on Instagram. Just don't use the Kelvin filter. Never use the Kelvin filter.

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