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Emma Stone Is Back to Being a Redhead—Check Out Her Hot Look!

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Emma Stone
Emma Stone; Dave Spencer / Splash News

Emma Stone is fired up!

Yesterday the actress was snapped strolling the streets of New York City with boyfriend Andrew Garfield in her usually skinny jeans and oversize Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent tote.

The major difference? The Amazing Spider-Man star—who has been blond for about a year—was sporting scarlet strands!

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We've seen Emma make this change from goldilocks to redhead several times. The 24-year-old first went blond for her character Gwen Stacy in the comic-based flick in 2010. Then, when the film wrapped the next summer she immediately swapped out the lighter look for a rich rosy hue.

Seems her M.O. hasn't changed. The second installment just finished filming a few days ago.

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Although she is naturally a blond, Emma has famously said she feels more comfortable as a redhead. "My mom's a redhead, so I like it sentimentally, too," she told Allure last December.

Of course, there's another very famous ginger in the superhero movie: Mary-Jane Watson. Although her part, played by Shailene Woodley, got cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, she will be included in the third film.

It is, however, unclear whether Stone will be in the next movie—being that her character is famously killed in the comics. But if she does return, it will be back to blond once more.

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In the meantime, the actress has plenty of highly anticipated works to keep her busy. The star is set to start filming a untitled Woody Allen flick next year as well a Cameron Crowe project. Not to mention, plenty of quality time with her British beau.

The pair have stayed very close on-and-off set, getting snapped smooching several times in the last few months.

No doubt her love-of-two-years is a fan of her fiery new hue.

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Do you like Emma better as a redhead?

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