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During Sandra Bullock's visit to the Today show this morning, she and cohost Matt Lauer engaged in some funny banter after he forget the last time she visited the morning talk show.

Reminding Lauer of when she promoted her 2011 film Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close on Today, Bullock quipped, "Apparently, I got very upset with you, and then you sent me flowers to apologize...I got no flowers."

"I didn't know you were upset with me," Lauer responded. "I didn't either, but apparently you sent flowers," the Oscar winner replied.

"Is that what they wrote about us?" he asked. "Do we have a feud?"

"Can I just get some flowers, just for the heck of it, before this weekend? Just like something?" Bullock added.

Lauer then went to pick of a large vase filled with flowers, spilling the flower water all over his arms. "Those were full of water...I would shake your hand but it's still soaking," he laughed.

"You guys are so thoughtful," Bullock joked.

Check out the funny video clip for yourself!

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