Paula Deen is still facing the consequences after admitting in a deposition that she used the N-Word.

On Monday's Live From E!, Jason Kennedy, Ken Baker, Kristin Dos Santos and Melanie Bromley discussed the fallout from the chef's insensitive words.

In addition to the Food Network dropping Deen, QVC is debating what they should do next with the chef's products. The shopping network currently sells the star's collection of cookbooks, bakeware and kitchen tools—just to name a few.

With a Facebook support group growing every day, does Deen deserve to pay the price or should she be forgiven?

Also on today's show, the panel updated viewers on Justin Bieber's latest controversy.

Before kicking off his tour this past weekend, the pop star was banned from a Las Vegas skydiving facility after being a bad customer. Some argue, however, that the facility might have been a little too harsh with their punishment.

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