Today's forecast?

Cloudy with a chance of spiders!  

Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon had an on-air freakout when a giant spider decided to crash her lunchtime weather report.

The eight-legged ham totally tried to steal Gordon's thunder when it ambled onto the green screen—looking larger than life thanks to a projector. And as if photobombing the forecaster wasn't bad enough, the spotlight-stealing spidey totally terrified Gordon in the process of trying to get its 15 minutes.

"Oh my gosh, that was creepy," she exclaimed. "Of course, he had to be right on my head."

Of course, the spider was nowhere near Gordon—a fact her not-so-sympathetic co-anchors were quick to let her know.

"You realize it's not there?" one mockingly quipped, while another simply exclaimed, "C'mon!"

Ever the professional, Gordon gathered her composure and apologized multiple times before saying, "OK, I gotta keep going here."

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