Miley Cyrus

Apparently, Miley Cyrus' bootylicious derrière isn't the only thing she can't stop showing off these days.

The "We Can't Stop" singer was snapped on Sunday greeting some pals outside a recording studio in Los Angeles...and let's just say that the 20-year-old songbird definitely got game with her getup.

The popster stepped out wearing white short-shorts that showcased her gorgeous gams, and she let those shorts play peekaboo underneath a large black Michael Jordan jersey.

Completing the leggy look? Striped black-and-silver strappy stilettos that gave the star ample lift.

Consider it Cyrus' latest racy look as she continues her provocative, skin-tastic tour of duty while hyping her much-buzzed-about new single.

On Wednesday, Cyrus debuted the music video for "We Can't Stop," and needless to say, it left fans with lots to talk about—and to ogle at.

But that's not the only conversation-starter Cyrus wanted to uncork.

Liam Hemsworth's fiancée was also recently spotted outside the recording studio sporting a blue jacket with the letters "FU" emblazoned across the back.

Can't say the gal doesn't know how to get her message across.

Miley Cyrus


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