Chris O'Dowd almost swallowed a fly on the BBC's Graham Norton Show, when he appeared on the U.K. talk show with Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell Friday night.

After the trio kept swatting and joking about a huge, pesky fly that kept flying around the studio, O'Dowd gulped down his glass of water and it just so happened that the fly had landed in it. 

"Oh my God," O'Dowd said after pulling the fly from his mouth.

"Did you just drink the fly?," host Graham Norton said. "Is he alive in your hand?" 

"I gotta tell you, I chewed it," O'Dowd said. "I took a drink and I realized that I didn't have any ice in there."

Carell and Wiig busted into a fit of laughter after O'Dowd dropped the insect on the table, covered it up with a napkin and paid their respects.

May the fly rest in peace.

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