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Happy Birthday, Rebecca Black! Behold, the 6 Stages of Listening to Her Hit Song, "Friday"

Today is Rebecca Black's birthday ("IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEEYYY HHEEYYY," she tweeted). And it's not just any birthday (WEEEYYY HHEEYYY), it's her Sweet 16.

Rebecca celebrated her birthday by announcing some "REALLY EXCITING" news: That she'll be updating her YouTube channel weekly with new content. But there's really only one video we want to see from Rebecca Black.

And we think you all know what it is:

Since it's her b'day and all, go on and give it a play. And relive the 6 Stages of "Friday":

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Stage One: Nostalgia

Rebecca Black GIF

It might seem too soon to get nostalgic over "Friday," seeing as the video isn't even two years old. Yet, as soon as the unmistakable electro-beat kicks in, accompanied by Rebecca's "oOoOhs" and "yea-h, yea-h"s, you're transported back to 2011, when you couldn't go a single weekday (let alone an actual Friday) without hearing this song.

Stage Two: Hilarity

Rebecca Black GIF

Whether it's the truly inspired lyrics ("Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal") or the subtle visuals ("Gotta get down to the bus stop," she sings as we cut to a sign reading "Bus Stop"), there's a reason this video became a viral sensation in the first place: It's hilarious.

Stage Three: Confusion

Rebecca Black GIF

But unlike in 2011, when you were caught up in the amazement of it all, with time, you gain perspective and can ask the questions that need to be asked: Who the heck is that kid driving?! Rebecca only turns 16 today and this video is nearly two years old. Is that kid driving at 14? Whose car is that? Did he steal it?!

Stage Four: Hilarity, Again

Rebecca Black GIF

But then it's right back to laughing, thanks in large part to Rebecca's friend by her right. Fun Fact: The friend's name is Benni Cinkle and she claims that the producer told her to act "silly" and "weird" and that's why she's dancing like that, thank you very much.

Rebecca Black GIF

Fun Fact: Not only is Benni quite the dancer, but she's a published author too, having written That Girl in Pink's Internet Survival Guide. She also spun her "Friday" fame into starting an anti-bullying organization called That Girl in Pink Foundation.

Rebecca Black GIF

Funnest Fact: Benni has a song of her own called "Gotta Get Out."

Stage Five: Confusion, Again

Rebecca Black GIF

If you're like us, you forgot there was an adult rapper featured on "Friday." Because, why would there be?! That question we cannot answer. But we can tell you his name is Patrice "Pato" Wilson, who founded Rebecca's label, ARK Music Factory. Pato later released a song of his own, "Happy," along with a pseudo-parody video that's billed as the official sequel to "Friday."

Stage Six: Let's Get Drunk

Rebecca Black GIF

Also known in some professional circles as, "Acceptance."

It's Friday ("Fri-a-day, Fri-a-day") and you gotta get down on Friday. We didn't make the rules, we just follow them. So raise a glass to Ms. Black and enjoy your weekend. Because, "Tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes afterwards." And Monday comes afterwards that afterwards. Rebecca doesn't mention that in her song, but it does and Monday is not fun, fun, fun, fun.

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